Minimal Risk Consultancy’s cybersecurity breach resolved in good time

Last week, Minimal Risk Consultancy experienced an attempted cybersecurity breach within the company-wide email system. A ‘hacker’ or virus attempted to infiltrate a single user on the secure email programme and endeavored to start using the company address book to send emails.

Minimal Risk’s highly qualified cybersecurity team were able to detect the malware intrusion quickly and diagnose and resolve the issue before any major damages were done. The company, together with the specialised cybersecurity team, now have a comprehensive contingency strategy in place, in order to further minimise the chances of the malicious malware returning. This is part of a major IT upgrade being conducted at present which will see all systems upgraded or replaced as part of a notable capital investment.

Minimal Risk can confirm that no important information or software was breached during this time and apologises if any inconvenience was caused. This type of attack shows that no organisation or person is ever 100% safe but there any steps that can be taken to minimise the chances of it happening to you.

For further information on how to prevent such an attack, please contact Minimal Risk on 01432 359 353.
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