Minimal Risk Consultancy – Security Team Member – Harewood Estate, Leeds, 13th June 2020

My e-mail concerns Nas, who I believe works as part of your security team at Harewood House and relates to Saturday 13th June.

I visited the Harewood Estate for a walk with my children and a couple of friends and actually initially encountered Nas when we were about have a picnic near the deer park area - Nas pointed out to us that we were potentially about to sit within the deer park in a place which may not be suitable, very calmly explaining the situation and asked us to move. This situation in itself was handled very well by her and she kindly recommended some other spots for us to have a picnic.

We eventually had our picnic not too far from the Himalayan Garden near where the Stank Beck crosses underneath the path... the real incident began however when I returned to my car (at Wike Lane) sometime later and discovered I had lost my car keys - given my children are aged 7 and 5 years old, and we had already walked over 5 miles, it wasn't really an option to head back into the estate and search for my keys, instead I arranged for my spare key to be dropped off with me and I then took the kids home.

I returned to Harewood later on in the day and ran back to the picnic spot but of course the keys were nowhere to be seen... I was lucky enough to see a couple of helpful people who told me about the security office located nearby where I obtained the phone number to call Nas.

When I spoke to Nas she was genuinely pleased to hear from me and thankfully from my perspective had been handed my keys by another Harewood visitor - it was lovely to hear her enthusiasm and commitment to doing her role, and she had in fact been driving around the various car parks near the estate trying to locate my car and spent quite a bit of time in doing so.

I'm very grateful for her efforts and my experience and interactions with her on the 13th June have only ultimately added positively to my opinion of the Harewood estate, which is already very high to be honest.

Phil – Harewood Visitor

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