Minimal Risk Director, and security expert, Bob Cole offers reassuring words on the current terrorism threat

Recently, Minimal Risk company director Bob Cole was approached by BBC Radio Devon for his professional opinion on the safety of the British public following recent terror attacks. Readily available weapons such as vehicles are more commonly being used which raises the question: should the general public in the UK feel unsafe when going about their daily lives? In Bob’s opinion, absolutely not.

Throughout the interview, Bob explains that terrorist security risk assessments take place at buildings and businesses across the UK. The safety of the workers and visitors in these areas is of paramount importance when the design of the building is developed. Landowners work with the police, architects, security companies and local authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. The preparation and precaution that goes into these safety measures would not be seen or recognised by the general public but is carefully considered and implemented based on advice from experts like Bob and government security agencies.

Bob outlines in his interview that one of the main areas of contention is keeping the security measures sympathetic with the surroundings; large metal bollards can detract from the general ambience of a picturesque environment. The integration of sympathetic mitigation devices is everywhere without the public realising. In some areas, grass-covered banks concealing metal structures and planters and trees are strategically positioned in open areas, all designed to withstand vehicle impact. ‘Duck and hide’ devices, such as reinforced bus shelters, can also be erected to provide protection, preventing the need for people to seek shelter in nearby buildings.

With all of these extra precautions in place, Bob Cole urges the public to continue to feel safe in public spaces, at a time where these dreadful events are still relatively uncommon. Nevertheless, it is important to do all that can be done to deter these attacks and minimise their deadly effects. To listen to the full interview, please click here and scroll through to minute 33:00.

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